A modern two-toned soap pump, Emperor features an ergonomic shape and smooth finish. Its clear bottom chamber makes it easy to tell when soap is running low and it is quick to refill, thanks to its wide opening. Its smooth material makes Emperor easy to clean, highly durable, and low-risk for breakage. Holds 12oz (255 mL of soap).


  • Soft-Touch Finish: Emperor features a two-toned design with a soft-touch finish


  • Clear Bottom Indicates Soap Levels: It’s easy to tell when soap levels are low, thanks to the clear soap chamber at the bottom of the dispenser


  • Easy To Fill: Simply twist off the clear container at the bottom of the dispenser to refill your soap


  • Large Capacity: This modern soap pump has a 12 oz (255 mL) capacity and can be used in a kitchen or bathroom



***Available on september 28!

Emperor Soap Pump

SKU: 1015548-670